Newcastle Upon Tyne & District 70th Anniversary CD

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A new CD to accompany the book of dances by Sheila Trafford written to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Newcastle Upon Tyne & District  Branch. There are 8 tracks by Marian Anderson's Band and 8 tracks by Iain MacPhail's Band

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Newcastle's 70th Celebration  -  Strathspey (M)
Busy Fingers -  Reel (I)
Freda’s Frolic - Jig (I)
Sheila of Morpeth -  Strathspey (M)
A Jig the Jean - Jig (M)
Robert’s Rant - Reel (M)
Quince Jelly - Medley (I)
Gill’s Jig - Jig (M)
Jesmond's Saunter -  Strathspey (I)
Cathie Smith’s Reel  - Reel (I)
The Bird Man -  Jig (M)
Time to Spare -  Strathspey (M)
Golden Wishes -  Reel (I)
The Tyne Bridge -  Reel (I)
Shadows - Strathspey (M)
70 is Fun -  Reel (I)

(M) - Marian Anderson's Band
(I) - Iain MacPhail's Band


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