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    New Book 53 for 2023 is the Centenary book from RSCDS and contains 12 new dances and 12 older dances favourites by many branches worldwide. The book is accompanied by two recordings: Volume 1 by David Oswald and his Scottish Dance Band and Volume 2 by Nicol McLaren and the Glencraig Scottish Dance Band. Plus extras on the bands and diagrams prepared by...

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    Frederick Hill’s Book of Quadrilles & Country Dances Etc.Etc.’  edited by the Hill Manuscript Group: MacFadyen, Mackenzie and Macpherson.   The Hill Manuscript, originally published in 2009 Alastair MacFadyen, Alan Macpherson and Anita Mackenzie, is scheduled for a reprint this Month (October). The new edition, is a hardback landscape format made from...

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    Final book in the series of combined books in one handy volume. It contains all of the instructions for the dances from the RSCDS Books 39 to 44  which has been revised and updated to modern standard terminology. This A5 Combined Edition also contains the diagrams and an index.

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    Over the last 12 months the Membership Services Committee has been hard at work compiling thirty dances chosen by RSCDS branches from around the world.  The book is accompanied by two CDs: one CD of new recordings by James Coutts and his Scottish Dance Band and a second CD, a re-releasing RSCDS archive recordings.

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    In 2014, the RSCDS obtained the copyright and published all the dances in the original volumes 1 to 3 with revisedwording to reflect current dance terminology. This book includes not only the dances in the original volumes 4 and 5 but also those dances placed in the competitions until the end of the series in 2000. These additional dances have been...

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    The RSCDS Latest book and CD include twelve dances, presented in this new volume, were carefully selected by the Membership Services Committee. The dances come from devisers in England, Germany, Japan, Scotland and the United States, and include several formations making their first appearance in an RSCDS publication.

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    Full descriptions of all of the dances in the Medal Tests syllabus in one convenient booklet. The RSCDS Medal Tests were revised in 2012 following a comprehensive consultative exercise. The new syllabus provides coverage of all the basic techniques, formations and progressions through the grades.

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    In 2007, the Membership Services Committee started an ambitious project to revise the dance descriptions in all RSCDS publications to reflect Standard Terminology. This Combined booklet, in one handy A5 volume all of the instructions for the dances in the RSCDS Books 31-38 is the eighth in that series.

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    Little Book of Scottish Dance, A celebration of Scottish dancing is the new collaborative work bewteen Harper Collins and RSCDS. The book takes you through simple ceilidh moves to more complex formations and set dances, illustrated through diagrams and photos. Popular traditional dances are featured, such as Dashing White Sergeant', Eightsome Reel', ,...

Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items