Scottish Dances collected by Mary I. MacNab

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These dances were collected by Mrs MacNab in North America from oral sources and originally published in a collection of leaflets between the late 1940's up to 1966. The dances were combined in one book in 2007. Scottish Dances Collected by Mary Isdal MacNab contains detailed instructions for 28 dances with full piano scores for the original tunes.

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A single volume edition including all of the dances from the original books together with The Duke of Gordon's Welcome to Aberdeen.
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(dances with an asterisk (*) have more than one name)

Because He was a Bonnie Lad, Medley, 4 cpls longwise, 1x112, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/01)
Bonnie Anne*, Jig, 4 cpls longwise, 1x96, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/01)
Braes of Balquhidder, The, Strathspey, square, 1x128, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/02)
Brig o' Doon, Strathspey, 3 cpls longwise, 1x96, 3 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/02)
Duke of Gordon's Welcome to Aberdeen, The, Reel, square, 1x176, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab dance diagrams..Apx.1)
Earl of Errol's Reel, The, Jig, 3 cpls longwise, 1x200, 3 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/03)
Hebridean Weaving Lilt, Minuet, 4 cpls longwise, 1x88, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/04)
Jeannie o' the Witchin' E'e, Jig, 4 cpls longwise, 8x40, 2 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/03)
Kelvingrove, Strathspey, square, 1x152, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/05)
Laird o' Dochart's Reel, Jig, 4 cpls longwise, 4x80, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/04)
Lamont of Inveryne, Reel, 4 cpls longwise, 1x208, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/06)
Lerwick Reel, The, Strathspey, 4 cpls longwise, 1x128, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/05)
Lochanside, Waltz, 4 cpls longwise, 1x72, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/06)
MacLeod of Dunvegan, Reel, 6 cpls longwise, 1x136, 6 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/07)
MacLeod of Harris, Reel, square, 1x144, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/09)
Macdonald of Sleat, Jig, 4 cpls longwise, 1x120, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/07)
McLaine of Lochbuie, Reel, 3 cpls longwise, 1x176, 3 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/08)
McNeil of Barra, Medley, other, 1x128, N cpls, (source: MacNab 2/09)
McNichol of the Black Isle, Reel, square, 1x104, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/10)
Miss Fiona MacRae of Conchra, Strathspey, 6 cpls longwise, 1x64, 6 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/11)
Moulin Dhu*, Strathspey, square, 1x120, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/08)
Over the Dee and over the Don, Jig, 4 cpls longwise, 1x152, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/10)
Rothesay at the Fair, Reel, square, 1x240, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/11)
Rouken Glen, Strathspey, 4 cpls longwise, 1x72, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/13)
Royal Salute, The, Reel, 3 cpls longwise, 1x112, 3 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/12)
Shepherd's Crook, The (MacNab), Strathspey, round the room, Nx72, N cpls, (source: MacNab 1/13)
St Andrew's Cross, Reel, square, 1x136, 4 cpls, (source: MacNab 2/14)
St Andrew's Nicht, Jig, round the room, Nx48, 2 cpls, (source: MacNab 1/12)


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