Carlingwark Collection Set

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A book of 30 dances with music devised by Bill Little varying in style from the light hearted to the serious and stately but never dull or over-complex. The set included the Book and the three CDs of the accompanying music. 

Volume 1 CD is by James Coutts and his band.

Volume 2 CD is by Scot Band and his band.

Volume 3 CD is by Ian Muir and his band.

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Carlingwark Jig
Anne and Friends
Carol's Frolic
Bonnie Gallowa'
Bracken Wood
Galloway Lads And Lassies
Greyfriar's Strathspey
Isabel Paterson's Jig
Jessie Cannon's Strathspey
Our Friend Viv
Kind Robin
Cilla's Jig
Kirkcall Strathspey
My Friend Jim
Light Of Hope
Mrs Alison Veitch
The Raiders Road
Welcome Home
Threave Strathspey
The Haggis
90th Birthday
Rose Of ArdWall
75th Anniversary Real
70 x 4
Sandy's Strathspey
The Laxey Wheel
Wee Mary's Strathspey
Port William Lass

Volume 1 CD - James Coutts and his band.

  1. Auchengar
  2. 75th Anniversary Reel
  3. Mrs Alison Veitch
  4. Cilla's Jig
  5. Bonnie Gallowa'
  6. Mairie's Wedding
  7. The Laxey Wheel
  8. Viennese Waltz
  9. Kirkcall Strathspey
  10. The Haggis
  11. Jessie Cannon's Strathspey
  12. Welcome Home
  13. Canadian Barn Dance

Volume 2 CD - Scot Band and his band.

  1. The Raiders Road
  2. Threave Strathspey
  3. Carol's Frolic
  4. Kind Robin
  5. My Friend Jim
  6. Greyfriar's Strathspey
  7. Port William Lass
  8. Bracken Wood
  9. 70 x 4
  10. A waltz for Angue Fitchet
  11. Rooftops
  12. Fidget

Volume 3 CD - Ian Muir and his band.

  1. Carlingwark Jig
  2. Gay Gordons
  3. Rose of Ardwall
  4. Our Friend Viv
  5. Anne and Friends
  6. Isabel Paterson's Jig
  7. Sandy's Strathspey
  8. 90th Birthday
  9. Wee Mary's Strathspey
  10. Scottish Waltz
  11. Light of Hope
  12. Galloway Lads And Lassies


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