Here We Go Again (PDF)


23 dances devised by Holly Boyd, two of which have original music. 

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Scottish country dances written by Holly Boyd

A Dance for Bobby Brown
There and Back Again
Easy Does It
Holly's Big Day (Music for Polly's Big Day)
Polly's Big Day
Bewitched in Salem
Ye Olde Pussycat
When the wind Blows
A Dog's Tale
Puppy Love
Dancing Dogs
Portsmouth Intersection
What Don Wants...
Trip to Algeria
By Paddlewheel Steamship Down the Nile
A Trip to Egypt
The SS Karim
Fore Tom
Dancing with Swans
Alan's Flypers
You can Count on the Music
A Well Oiled Machine
A Good Mind (lonkwanikonri:io)
Extra Dances (earlier dances rewritten in standard terminology, some with music)


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