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39 Scottish Country Dances Devised by Holly Boyd

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39 Scottish Country Dances Devised by Holly Boyd

  1. 23 Earl Band Avenue 32S3C
  2. All the Right Moves 32J3C
  3. Aloha Kekokia 32S4C (4C set)
  4. Dearcmhara 32S3C (3C set)
  5. Esther Naomi MacDonald Boyd 32R3C
  6. Fairlee Frolic 32S3C (3C set) or 32S5C (5C set)
  7. Fare Thee Well, Peter White 32R4C
  8. The Four Leaf Clover 32J3C
  9. Frost and Fire 32R3C (3C set)
  10. Golden Anniversary Jig 32J3C (3C set)
  11. Greta's Daughter 48R4C
  12. Guardian of the Purse 32R3C
  13. He Shoots! He Scores! 32J2C
  14. The Heavenly, Merry Dancers 32S3C (3C set) or 32S5C (5C set)
  15. Hermann's Jig 32J3C
  16. Jacqui 32S 4dancers
  17. Jacqui 2 32S4C
  18. Kingston Kindness 40J2C
  19. Lee-Lee 32S3C
  20. Lost in Manoa Marketplace 32R3C
  21. Manderley 32R3C
  22. The Montreal Australian Lady 40J4C
  23. Montreal Entrelac Tees 32S3C (3C set)
  24. Muddy Dog Run 32R3C
  25. My Cousin Heather 32S4C
  26. A Nova Scotia Tea Dance 32J4C
  27. Off to Thailand 32R3C
  28. Our Plattsburg Connection 32R3C
  29. Picton Tartan Tea Dance 32R3C
  30. The Piping Plovers 32S3C
  31. The Red and White Poppies 32R3C
  32. Robin's Rant 32S3C (3C set)
  33. Saxonia 32J3C
  34. Seventy in Copenhagen 32J4C
  35. Skating on Mount Royal 32S3C (3C set)
  36. Sweet Home Alabama 64S64R4C
  37. Thank You, Fred 32J3C
  38. Walden Puppy 32S3C (3C set)
  39. While We Were Waiting 32R3 Dancers


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