Ca Va Bien Aller (PDF)


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A Reel For Renato 40R 4C set 
NO HANDS! 40S 3C set 
Interesting Times 32R 4C square set 
Amelia Frances Charlotte Wood 32J 3C set  (aka Milton)
Our Red Zone Strathspey 32S 2C 
Virtual Happiness 32S 3C set or 3/4L 
Anticipation 32J 3C set 
The Scarecrow Jig 32J 3C 
Dr. Ligon of Marietta 40R 3C 
Dancing in 3D 32J 3C set or 3/4L 
Annie’s Dance 32J 4C set 
Tour En L’Air 32S 2C 
Darwin 48R 3C set 
As Time Goes By 32R 3C 
Heart and Soul 32S 3C set
Dancing with the Daffodils 64S/64R 4C square set 
Ça Va Bien Aller 32R 3C
Stone Mountain Golden Gala 40R 4C square set Reel
Thank You Linda Henderson 32J 3C set or 3/4L 
Troubles End 40S 3C set or 3/4L 
Gravitas 32S 3C 


The name of this book is from the slogan that was everywhere in Quebec, Canada in March 2020. Ça Va Bien Aller, a cute poster with a rainbow, miraculously appeared in practically every window overnight. It expressed the hope that all would be well.

The dances in this book are in chronological order. They start as Holly left Italy March 13, 2020 and end as she drove home from New York’s Pawling dance weekend – our first away experience in over two years – in May of 2022.

Several of the dances in this book are on the SCD database, some with videos. 


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