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This is video demonstrations of the 24 dances devised and choreographed by Jennifer Kelly,  while she was the Artistic Director for The Red Thistle Dancers of the San Francisco Bay Area. 12 of the dances are social dances, the others are performance dances. 

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This DVD is of the dances published in the book, Jennifer's Dances contains 12 social dances and 12 performance dances and is part of a publication of Jennifer's Dances consisting of four elements. 
These items may be purchased individually, or in various combinations (The DVD and booklet, the two CDs, or all four items).

The Jennifer's Dances booklet includes instructions for the following Social Dances:
1. Armin’s Dance (40H for five couples)
2. C. Stewart Smith (32R for four couples)
3. Cairngorm Magic (40H for three couples)
4. Forty Something Reel (40R for three couples)
5. A Garden Wedding (40J for four couples)
6. Jonathan’s Farewell (32S for two couples)
7. Marianna’s Strathspey (32S for three couples)
8. Meeting and Greeting (32J for three dancers round-the-room)
9. Red Wine and Straight Lines (A 32 dance for three couples in any tempo)
10. Rosemary’s Reel (32R for three couples)
11. The Scallywag (40J for three couples)
12. Serendipity (40S for five couples)

... and the following Performance Dances:
1. The Californian Bumpkin (96R for nine dancers)
2. Corn Rigs and Variations (32R for 16 dancers)
3. Dancing Feet (88R for twelve dancers)
4. Ebb and Flo’ (80R for twelve dancers in a square)
5. Jack’s Dance (32S + 48J for three couples in a triangular set)
6. Morning Mist (40S in a square set)
7. Mr. Smith’s Delight (40S in a square set)
8. One Hundred and Fifty plus Fifty (64S + 64R in a suare set)
9. Scottish Spirit (40J round-the-room progressive couple dance)
10. Summer’s End Suite (40J + 32S + 88R medley for eighteen dancers)
11. The Thornes Among the Thistles (64J in a suare set)
12. Unravelling (A medley [32S + 32R] or strathspey [2 x 32S] for two couples) 


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