Thirty Popular Dances, Vol. Two, part two

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Over the last 12 months the Membership Services Committee has been hard at work compiling thirty dances chosen by RSCDS branches from around the world. 

The book is accompanied by two CDs; the second CD is a re-release of RSCDS archive recordings, which contains dances arranged by various artists: David Cunningham, Colin Dewar, Bobby Crowe, Kenny Thomson, Lindsay Weir and George Meikle.

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These are all re-releases from earlier RSCDS recordings. Note Posties Jig and Minister on the Loch are listed in the wrong order on the CD sleeve. 

  1. Pelorus Jack - David Cunningham
  2. Culla Bay - David Cunningham
  3. The White Heather Jig - Colin Dewar
  4. Delvine Side - Bobby Crowe
  5. Mairi's Wedding - Colin Dewar
  6. Miss Milligan's Strathspey - Bobby Crowe
  7. J. B. Milne - Colin Dewar
  8. Joie de Vivre - Kenny Thomson
  9. Shiftin' Bobbins - Colin Dewar
  10. Postie's Jig - Colin Dewar
  11. The Minister on the Loch  - Lindsay Weir
  12. Hooper's Jig - Jim Lindsay
  13. The Dream Catcher - George Meikle
  14. The Dream Catcher (encore) - George Meikle
  15. The Highland Rambler - Colin Dewar