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Scotch Mist has been born from the legacy of Bobby Brown & the Scottish Accent. Following Bobby’s untimely death in 2011, his son Laird led the Scottish Accent through a transition period and the new band has developed

Musicians: Scotch Mist - Lead Accordion: Laird Brown
Violin: Stefanie Hutka
2nd Accordion: Kerry D. Boax
Piano: Donny Wood
Drums: Warren Beesley
Bass: Rob Wolanski

18 Scottish Country Dances, devised by Canadians from Coast to Coast - full instructions included

Brenda’s Jig 4X32 Jig
New Year Wedding 3X32 Strathspey
Promise Of Spring 8X32 Reel
The Snow Eater 8X32 Jig
Lilibet’s Strathspey 4X32 Pastorale
The Reel of the Pinehurst Eight 4X32 Reel
A Trip to Crinan 8X32 Jig
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle 8X32 Strathspey
The Quinte Gathering 8X32 Hornpipe
Itchy Feet 8X32 Jig
Phoenix Rising 4X32 Strathspey
George Watson of Tipperlinn 8X32 Jig
Father to Son 8X32 Reel
Lament for Bobby Brown (Muriel Johnstone)
Waltz - closing waltz composed by Laird & Donny


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Coast to Coast

Scotch Mist