Short & Sweet

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Latest CDs from Chris, Julie and Nick Dewhurst. 21 short tracks for Scottish Country Dancing when 'Any Good Tune' is required.  

The tracks are of reels, jigs, strong and ‘slow air’ strathspeys, a medley and a waltz, in a variety of lengths from 3 to 6 times through, and in 32, 40 and 48 bar sequences. As many of the common permutations and combinations as possible have been included.

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For the first tune of each track, the Dewhurst have tried to avoid anything which is commonly associated with a well-known dance, so that all the tracks can be used when ‘any good tune’ is required.  They have chosen a wide variety of tunes, from Scotland, Shetland, Orkney, Ireland, England, Canada and America, some older and some more recent, including several of Chris’s compositions.  Hopefully, you will find your own favourites amongst them, whether for dancing or listening.

1. Mrs Norman McKeigan - 5x32 - (R) 
2. Orcadian Jig - 3x48 - (J)
3. The Iron Man - 2x32 (S) + 2x32 (R)
4. Miss Grace Hay's Delight - 5x32 - (J) 
5. Itchy Fingers - 3x40 (R)
6. Lomond Hills (Slow Airs) - 4x32 (S)
7. Love, Port and Sherry - 6x32 (J)
8. 72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen - 3x32 (R)
9. A Diamond in Sutton Coldfield - 3x32 (S)
10. A Piece of Cake - 4x32 (J)
11. Jack's Delight - 6x32 (R)
12. Da Slockit Light (Slow Airs) - 3x32 (S)
13. Locheil's Welcome - 3x32 (J)
14. Miss Susan Cooper - 4x48 (R)
15. Ladylea Hill - 4x32 (S)
16. Miss Gayton's Hornpipe - 3x48 - (R)
17. Country Dance - 3x40 (J)
18. The Shetland Fiddlers' Society - 6x32 (S)
19.Life in the Fast Lane - 4x40 (J)
20. Tannadice - 4x32 (R)
21. Endearing Young Charms - 4x32 (W)