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    A new CD with 18 tracks by Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band...

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    Latest CDs from Chris, Julie and Nick Dewhurst. 21 short tracks for Scottish Country Dancing when 'Any Good Tune' is required.   The tracks are of reels, jigs, strong and ‘slow air’ strathspeys, a medley and a waltz, in a variety of lengths from 3 to 6 times through, and in 32, 40 and 48 bar sequences. As many of the common permutations and combinations...

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    Music to accompany the Mary Brandon The Emigrant Scot Book of Dances is produced by The Bluebell SCD Trio - Akiko Kasama (Piano, Bassoon, Contra Bassoon), Kana Otake (Fiddle) and Fumitaka Saito (Recorder, Bird Flageolet)Accompanying Book

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    This new recording is a collaboration of Judi Nicolson (Fiddle), Ian Muir (Accordion), Kathy Fraser-Collins (Piano), Fred Collins Drums) and Rob Wolanski (Double Bass).

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    In 2019 Leeds Branch Shop, with agreement from Sutton Coldfield Scottish Country Dance Society, decided to reprint Barry Priddey's Books to preserve them and make them available to the wider Scottish Dancing community. The books have been grouped in to four collections, and the complete works include the four books.  The diagrams included are Barry's...

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Showing 13 - 16 of 16 items