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    20 dances published by Amy Luxton-Esler from New Zealand, and recommended for dancers at the Intermediate/ Upper Intermediate level and above. 7 of the dances have new origianl tunes composed by Sharlene Penman and Nicol McLaren.  There is suggested music forall  the dances.

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    Matthew Maclennan and his Scottish Dance Band from Edinburgh have produced their debut album.  Matthew Maclennan - AccordianNicky McMichan - AccordianJohn Sinton - Double BassIain Anderson - FiddleGordon Smith - DrumsDennis Morrison - Piano

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    Available on special order
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    RSCDS shopping bags look great and are eco-friendly. The new range of shopper bag is made of natural canvas and has a 30 litres capacity and is available in three designs:- I Love to Dance Scottish Allemande Pivot Turn

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    Updated and expanded to publish as a PDF. The proceeds from the sale of this book have kindly been donated to the shop funds by Ian Barbour. 

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    New book of 9 dances produced to celebrate Stonehavens 70th Anniversary. There is Sheet music for Skatie Shore, but none for the other dances. 

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    27 years ago, at Higham Hall (Cumbria) Derek & Maureen Haynes started a festive 3-day dancing holiday for experienced dancers at New Year. To celebrate their 25th anniversary year, the 2016 Hogmanay. At Higham participants held a competition and devised 4 new dances. Proceeds from the sale of this booklet will go to Cockermouth Mountain Rescue. There...

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    17 dances by Edinburgh University New Scotland Country Dance Society. There is no sheet music for the dances. 

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    Thirteen Scottish Country Dances written by Francis Walduck and published in 2018. The dances were devised to ccommemorate people. places or event that were  of particular significance to Francis and have been published posthumously by the Queensland Branch in 2018.  No sheet music, but suggested music for all dances. 

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