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    A book of 30 dances with music devised by Bill Little varying in style from the light hearted to the serious and stately but never dull or over-complex. The set included the three CDs of the accompanying music.  Volume 1 CD is by James Coutts and his band. Volume 2 CD is by Scot Band and his band. Volume 3 CD is by Ian Muir and his band.

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    The CD is a companion to a book of dances celebrating the 45th anniversary of the San Diego Branch.   Both the book and CD are entitled “Salute to San Diego”.  The book and CD include 13 locally written dances some of which have original tunes.  The performers on the CD are Caroline McCaskey, fiddle and Andy Imbrie, piano.

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    All 24 dances from Delaware Valley Gold, plus three bonus tracks and two original waltzes, have been expertly recorded for both your listening and dancing pleasure in a two-cd set! Disc #1 features many of our Delaware Valley Branch musicians: Adam Oleksa, Josh Burdick, Kirsten Erwin, Jane Roberts, and Dave Wiesler. Disc #2 features Thistle House: David...

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     Music by Nicol McLaren and his Scottish Dance Band to accompany the Book 53 for 2023 - the Centenary book from RSCDS containing 12 new dances and 12 older dances favourites by many branches worldwide.  Also available is  Volume 1 by David Oswald and his Scottish Dance Band

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    Music by David Oswald and his Scottish Dance Band to accompany the Book 53 for 2023 - the Centenary book from RSCDS containing 12 new dances and 12 older dances favourites by many branches worldwide. Also available is  Volume 2 by Nicol McLaren and the Glencraig Scottish Dance Band. 

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    The long awaited Double CD to accompany the book of Roy Goldring's Leaflet Dances with the same name. The Double CD contains 31 tracks of music covering all 59 dances in the book and there is a mix of musicians on the tracks, some tracks are accordion led while others are fiddle led. 

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    Dance through the Decades, a Celebration of 100 years through Scottish music and dance.  Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band return to record this Centenary Album for RSCDS. The CD features 10 newly recorded dances from Flowers of Edinburgh to Farewell to Balfour Road. 

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    Another offering from Australia with Iain Mckenzie and Emma Nixon Their Ursa major CD is a new offering from the on-line shop. A magnificent collection of tunes old and new. Fine musicianship set to work to great effect. The CD is for listening to, although there is one dance set included.

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