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  1. Spring Fling

  2. Les Remparts de Séville

  3. There's Something about Thirty

  4. 192 Miles Home

  5. The Doonhamer Delight

  6. Continental Waltz (Band)

  7. Mathilde's Delight

  8. The Wandering Wallaby

  9. Double Trouble Triangles

  10. Shadow

  11. Polka (Band)

  12. A Trip to Applecross

  13. Dancing Spirit

  14. La Baratte Your Way Home

  15. Odd Thoughts (Miss Milligan's Miscellany)

  16. Retreat March Medley (Band)



Book 50 CD

The music for the recording has been provided by Scott Band & his Scottish Dance Band, a new name to me. The band was formed around 2012 to audition for BBC Radio Scotland‟s Take the Floor, and broadcast first in 2013. Scott is joined by Gillian Ramsay on fiddle, Steven Carcary on second accordion, Suzanne Croy on double bass, Bill Ewan on piano and Graham Sherrit on drums, and they produce an excellent, full sound. I noted in reviewing the last recording for the RSCDS, by D.u.K., that the double bass featured prominently, and the same is true here. If this is a new trend in band sound, it is one I heartily applaud, giving real depth and drive to the sound. The fiddle and accordions provide a strong lead and good rhythmic support.

Musically, the majority of original tunes are modern tunes. As well as Lindsey‟s tune, mentioned above, originals have also been chosen from South East musicians Ian Muir (RSCDS Music Director), Tom Robertson (son of fiddler and accordionist Ian) and Alistair Forbes. Scott Band and Steven Carcary from the band have also had tunes selected. In selecting the accompanying tunes, Scott has largely used modern alternatives, some of them very well-known. John Renton‟s original for The Spring Fling Reel (his first to feature in an RSCDS book) is followed by three Iain MacPhail tunes, and there is a roll-call of other band leaders and musicians of the last 50 years, but very good matching.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the recording, with lots of interest throughout, particularly on the bass and second accordion, including a very slick and well-orchestrated Continental Waltz. Tempi are on the faster side, but suitable for the dances included, where plenty of lively dancing is called for (not much in the way of traditional figures). I look forward to hearing more from the band.
One interesting dancing point: the book introduces the formation La Baratte to the RSCDS dance repertoire, having previously featured in dances including John Drewry‟s Hunter’s Moon, Micmac Rotary and the Oxford Branch dance Radcliffe Square. A slightly different approach to dancing the formation is put forward for La Baratte Your Way Home: in joining hands, the man is asked to put his hand palm upwards into his partner‟s hand. This allows the last half turn of the move to be carried out with a normal shake hand grip, rather than the potentially ugly ‟claw‟ hold that most have used in the past. It remains to be seen whether this becomes adopted in other instances of the formation.

Jeremy Hill - RSCDS London Branch Published in the Reel

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Book 50 CD

Book 50 CD


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