Remission, The (PDF)

This book by Anne is the result of a period when she couldn’t dance due to cancer. "During these months of disease, it really helped me to keep dancing in my head, to devise new dances in order to make something nice out of what I was experiencing."

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1. Slowly but Surely                              S3x32

2. Bloody Catheter                                J4x32

3. My Dear Oncologist                           J3x32

4. The Ambulance Drivers’Choreography R8x32

5. Marie-Do & Lucie                               M8x32 (S16+R16)

6. H.A.D.                                              S8x32

7. My Private Physiotherapist                  J8x32

8. A Dancing Surgeon                            R4x40

9. Merci Sophie!                                    M3x64 (S32+J32)

10. Once on the Right, Once on the Left  J8x32